Automation platform that seamlessly bridges various applications, enabling users to craft and streamline personalized workflows with ease.


Automation platform that seamlessly bridges various applications, enabling users to craft and streamline personalized workflows with ease.


Automation platform that seamlessly bridges various applications, enabling users to craft and streamline personalized workflows with ease.

What is Make?

Imagine a digital assembly line where tasks flow between software applications as effortlessly as car parts on factory rollers. That’s the essence of Make, formerly known as Integromat. Make positions itself as a visual platform for automating workflows, which allows users to connect apps and services with conditional logic to execute a series of actions without manual intervention.

Its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) lies in its highly intuitive visual interface for creating automation scenarios which is accessible to users without a technical background, and its deep customization capabilities which offer granular control over automation logic.

Key Features

Main Features Overview

  • Visual Editor: Drag-and-drop interface for connecting apps and defining workflows, allowing users to visualize automation sequences.

  • App Integrations: Extensive library of app integrations across various categories such as e-commerce, project management, social media, and more.

  • Templates: Pre-built automation templates that users can deploy and customize quickly.

  • Multi-step Automations: Capability to create complex, multi-step automations that can carry out a series of actions across different applications.

Special Features and Capabilities

  • Webhooks and APIs: Advanced options for integrating custom or unsupported services using webhooks and API calls.

  • Conditional Logic: Allows decision-making within workflows based on predefined rules or conditions.

  • Error Handling: Options to set up customized responses to errors or unforeseen issues within automations.

Compatible Platforms and Tools

Make integrates with over 1000 web services, including popular tools like Slack, Google Drive, Shopify, Dropbox, and many others. It supports a majority of web-based applications and services through a robust set of APIs and webhooks.

Pricing and Plans

Overview of Pricing Structures

Make offers a tiered pricing model including:

  • A free plan with limited operations and data transfer.

  • Various paid tiers that increase operations, data transfer limits, and access to premium features.

  • Custom enterprise plans tailored to larger business needs with advanced needs and support.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of Using Make

  • No coding knowledge required for creating automations.

  • Visual interface makes it easy to understand and optimize workflows.

  • Scalable to needs, from simple tasks to complex, integrated systems.

  • Broad library of app integrations to connect various tools and services.

Limitations and Considerations

  • There may be a learning curve associated with understanding the visual logic.

  • Advanced features may be required for some integrations and scenarios, necessitating a paid plan.

  • Dependency on third-party app APIs means Make is subject to their limitations.

When to Consider Using an Alternative

  • If your needs are limited to very basic task automation, simpler tools like IFTTT or Zapier might suffice.

  • If your integration needs are not supported by Make or require extensive custom API work.

Recommendations and Who It’s Best For

Make is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to automate their digital workflows across multiple online services without extensive technical expertise. It’s particularly well-suited for those who appreciate a visual way to handle work processes and manage tasks efficiently.


In an era where efficiency is crucial, Make offers a visual automation platform that seamlessly integrates various tools to enhance productivity. With its user-friendly interface and broad integration capabilities, it is an excellent choice for anyone from solopreneurs to large enterprises looking to streamline their digital workflows and optimize operations without deep technical expertise. Whether managing simple tasks or complex systems, Make provides a flexible and powerful solution.

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