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The Importance Of Credibility For Influence

Updated: Nov 1

How is it that some people manage to rally people around their cause or their innovative ideas and others struggle to do so? Why is it sometimes so difficult to convince your audience of the merits of your initiatives? These are many questions we will try to answer in this article.

Three essential conditions are required for you to influence your audience:

1. Be credible!

You must be credible with your audience

2. Be visible!

Even if you are credible, you also need to be visible and constantly seek to increase your circle of influence. If we don't see you, we forget you

3. Be strategic!

You must understand the context, the challenges and the aspirations of your audience in order to offer solutions that have added value for them

In this article we will focus on the importance of credibility.

You must have Credibility

Let us not forget that credibility is granted to us, it lies in the perception that others have of us, it must be acquired and maintained. Our integrity generates a first level of trust which is decisive in your audience relationship. Remember, we use our intentions to judge ourselves, but others look to our actions to judge us.

So the consistency between our words and our actions, having the courage of our convictions is what people see and believe. The perception that others have of our intentions will condition their level of acceptance or commitment to what we offer.

If they have the impression that we are only concerned with our own interests, that we do not take into account their reality or their needs, you will never influence them. Conversely, if the perception is that the proposed idea is in the common interest and that the intention is to find win-win solutions, trust sets in, and this enhances our credibility.

There is more to Credibility

Although these personal characteristics are decisive in building trust with your audience, credibility also relies heavily on expertise and demonstrated experience (results). It is essential to assert our relevant skills to carry out your ideas.

People are often passionate about their own area of expertise (depth), but overlook the extent of the wider context of things. When you are competent in related areas as well you broaden your credibility which is a good thing. Just staying within the confines of your narrow niche can limit your ability to influence.

It's all about Results

Nothing will enhance your credibility more than being able to prove that you get results. You are not just a person that talks. You totally believe in your message and you take massive action to get the right results.

You have probably heard the saying under promise, over deliver. Keeping your word, honoring your commitments, and always delivering the goods are essential conditions for maintaining credibility.

Enhance and Maintain your Credibility

You must do everything that you can to enhance and maintain your credibility. It is the number one thing when it comes to being able to influence others. If people do not perceive you to be credible then they will not even listen to you let alone do what you want them to do.

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