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One Secret Strategy for Massive Website Traffic

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Want to generate a MASSIVE boost in your website traffic almost overnight? Want to generate traffic that will actually stick around afterward? That will grow with you to become loyal customers and fans?

Thought so!

There are plenty of different marketing strategies that you can use to promote your website, but they are certainly not all made equally. Here is one that actually makes a massive impact, and that is currently underutilizes by the vast majority of creators.

Video Ads

The simple trick is that you’re going to use video ads. There are two places you can do this:

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

I highly recommend that your site is already monetized before you try this strategy. This is going to cost you money, so you need to absorb that cost. Ideally, with a high conversion rate this can be a very profitable endeavor.

But generating immediate cash is not the focus (though it can certainly be a nice side effect!).

Instead, the main aim is to increase the direct traffic to your website AND to raise your profile and brand awareness.

For the best example of how this can work, take a look at a creator like Tai Lopez. Tai spent a large amount of money to get his videos playing before a huge number of YouTube videos. The video was somewhat dumb – the “here in my garage” line has been memed a million times – but the point was that it got people talking. People knew Tai Lopez.

Today he is considered one of the biggest “marketing gurus” for better or for worse! You can achieve the precise same thing. To do this, you simply need your own video campaign. The key difference though, is that you are going to focus on the “value proposition” and on high quality video editing.

For an example of what I’m talking about, watch the trailer that Tim Ferriss made for his book “The Four Hour Chef.” This trailer looks like a movie trailer and mashes up shots of people doing incredible things (despite the name, the book is about learning any skill quickly).

The video is extremely inspiring, eye catching, and motivating.

Now imagine if you had a video like that, and you promoted it in the same way that Tai Lopez promoted his. For a modest budget, this could skyrocket your visibility overnight and generate MASSIVE traffic.

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